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Saturday March 22, 2003

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Welcome to the Purley Grammar 1970 Web site!

Nick 1975Who am I ? That was a question set by Rev. Holt in 1969. We are all still getting back to you on that one, Sir.

My name is Nick Peaty - I was standing next to Richard Stewart in the 1970 school photo. You can get to see the picture from the link on the left. He has disappeared but is well remembered for his illuminating farts - they did actually give off light when lit!  I was in Wight House in 5W in 1970 - the great Kingsley Gregory was my form master - we were in Room 3. Just outside the room were 5 steps that only could be jumped down in one leap if u were brave and tall. If you went up the stairs you went to the Junior Biology Lab where Mr G Winter lurked listening for " gossip ". These are the stairs today. Graham Tong stands at the foot of them outside Room 3.

I  left school in 1974 and spent 7 months in a snow bound cellar in Canada with Nigel Bowles before returning to the UK. Hardly surprising he lost his hair and I have gone grey.

I left school and soon became an Andy Pandy Impersonator - 25 years on I progressed onto comics. The Red Report Books always predicted such a life.

Now I have 2 sons of 6ft5 and a wife of 5ft6. I like it that way. Contact me at  NPEATY@AOL.COM


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