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The Guest Book 2001

arthur jewitt email address:         murals'r' - Subject: - Some boy IS LAUGHING !

Did i ever tell you that i met Herr Hitler once..a very pleasant chap he was too...

Arnold Patterson  Email address:  SeamanR'  RE: My personal appearance
Where's my westcot?

Steve Henson  - email address: Anything!!!

Well I thought most of you would be dead by now!!!!!
If anyone does know Tom Osbourne - let me know!!!
or even Nige Bowles!!


Chalkie White . Subject: Junior Assembly in the Dining Room

After assembly would all first formers stay behind to do tarbles.

George W  - email address: - Subject: -  The room 5 challenge cup.
general background noise -

GW: Can we stop this gossiping  -1-0 - and chattering  -1-1 - - . It's very difficult to teach with this infernal non-stop gossip  -2-1 - and chatter  - 2-2 . Every time it's gossip, gossip, gossip  - 5-2! -  and chatter, chatter, chatter  - woo 5-5 -  - . So if you can save your gossip  - 6-5 - - and chatter  - 6-6 - - until the break, I shall continue with my description of the human digestive tract.  - Whooping, cheering and banging of fists on the tables -  - .RIGHT!STAYTON!! gnnn..gnnn...gnnn GET OUTSIDE!!

FROM:George Nicholson  - email address: - Subject: -  Europe looked ugly

As a young girl... -stifled laughter -  - wife was brought up in the Franco-German border province of Alsace. She was an Alsation... -  unsuppressed outburst of laughter, round of applause and barking noises - - ...WELL REALLY!!

FROM:Mrs Edina Bray  - email address: - Subject: -  I like the website

as a matter of interest has any seen Tom Osborne around ?

I would like a "contact"

FROM:George Nicholson  - email address: - Subject: -  The nationalist movements of 1848 throughout Europe

Did anyone watch the World at War? Mmmm - those Nazis were capable of such barbarity. I have some books with photos if anyone is interested.

Well Really

FROM:A close personal friend of Nigel Bowles  - email address: - Subject: -  Nostalgia

Not surprisingly he lost his hair?! How DARE you!! After I stood up for you in the staffroom. GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!

Lost a significant amount I'll grant you - but what's gone from the top now grows three-fold in my ears and nose. And on a geological time-scale this is of little consequence.

FROM:david orriss  - email address: - Subject: -  A quick resume so far...

I left PGS in Aug 1972 - went to work in Croydon for GLC  - email address:        until Jan 1974 - Subject: - . Worked in London until for GLC until June 78. Became Freelance Comp operator from June 78 to March 81. Permanent job with Chase Manhattan Bank until Dec 97. Got fed up with same old faces and went freelance and that's what I am doing now. currently working at JPMorgan in Bournemouth.

Married Janet in July 81 and acquired instant family with her 8 year old son.. now 31 - Younger son, Ben came along in 84  - now 17 -I have a grandson aged 2.25.

Kevin Havill was best man at my wedding and godfather to Ben. Haven't seen Kevin since 1998 though. Shared a flat with Ian Peters and Nigel someone .. for a year...  bad mistake !! We used to go out a lot together at the time with John Harris.

Went out with Paul Bradshaw's sister for a year in 1975.

Now living in rural Dorset surrounded by cows, fields, farms, muck and cowshit. Very clean except for the roads.

FROM:Mattew Carse email address:        mat@image-data.comSubject: -  memories from matt

I live NW London married Johanna  nee MacDougall  twin boys of 3 1/2  -       Gus & Hector.
 I worked for Christie's and then in metal trading. Retired at 30, got married and restored house in Scotland. Realised I wasn't as rich as I thought and
started electro medical business which didn't work out and 10 years ago online image database business which did.
Passion for guitar continues. Did quite a lot of gigs in the 80's with a band called The Business including Hammersmith Palais and Albert Hall.

I still see Graham Brown who is living in Spain and stays in touch with Rob Bell. Also bumped into Phil Bruce on the tube about a year back. Apart from that I don't see anyone from those days.Do you remember Knight who used to faint in biology if anyone said the word blood, Petocx ? -  who was caned for backfilling the gas tap with water so that when demonstrating the bunsen burner it extinguished the match always thought that was very witty...

FROM:arnold patterson  - email address: - Subject: -  Balloon debate

I would just like...I would just...I would  - ( voice of Chris Cuffe -) -  "wind him up somebody".

FROM:Mr J.Godwin  - email address: - Subject: -  I give you 5 minutes...

...and you go mad ! 30 years I have been trying to forget what you bastards did to me - i only stopped pulling my earlobe 2 years ago.

I am off to reverse the coach - at least nothing can wrong with that.

FROM:David Hatherly  - email address: - Subject: -  threats of international socialism

I have a fine collection of faded cuttings from the Financial Times which demonstrate the risks to civilisation posed by International Socialists infiltrating MultiNationalCorporations. the best way to defeat this threat is to vote Liberal

FROM:Julian Cross  - email address: - Subject: -  Being clever

JC: Sir, would you punish me for something i didnt do?

CRINGE LOVELAND: No, of course not Cross.

JC: Good sir, cos i haven't done my homework.

FROM:george love  - email address: - Subject: -  Do you understand?

Shzghome boy hashzgh been making dishzghgushzghting shzghmellszghs.FROM:

FROM:phil moore  - email address: - Subject: -  hello

Your website certainly brings back a few old memories!!

I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with Stuart Fermor - hadn't seen each other for 30 years!!! We cooked up an idea to have a reunion for all those who left in 71, so I've sent messages to all those on the list on FR. I've had 7 replies - 6 who can make it to London on 9th Feb - details TBA.

FROM:Bernie Green  - email address: - Subject: -  sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor me in an all night marathon?

FROM:George Nicholson  - email address: - Subject: -  The Rise of the Dictator

Mussolini was a man of exceptional sexual energy   stares smiling blissfully out over the tennis courts > and was not averse to 30 minutes on the rrrug between meetings with his secrrretary.

Did anyone see the World at War last night?

FROM:Norman McCanch  - email address: - Subject: -  Norman McCanch's memories..

I attach two photos, one a school pic probably 1971/2 as I am wearing a sixth form blazer. Mum sent me to school in the blue blazer in the Lower sixth because she wouldn't buy another maroon one for just one year. I am pleased to say that Dogs Akers got the rough edge of mum's tongue and she clearly won the day over that one!
Since leaving Purley Grammar I trained as a taxidermist, specialising in African big game, worked as a lighthousekeeper for three years  - email address:        and wrote a book about it - Subject: - , been warden of a couple of nature reserves and two bird observatories, lived on an island in the Irish sea  (the Calf of Man) for four years, and worked in the Agrochemical industry for 8 years.

On my return from the Isle of Man in 1995, I completed my doctorate  - email address:        in Avian Ecology - Subject: -  and retrained as a science teacher at a Technology School in Sandwich, Kent. In January I am transferring to teach biology and chemistry at a girls Grammar school in Ramsgate.

FROM:School Coach Resident  - email address: - Subject: - 

For the record, I would just like to say that I had nothing to do with Clapham, Paddington or Hatfield

FROM:George WInter  - email address: - Subject: -  The intestine

The intestine descends into the colon and then the rectum, and finally into the.....  say it man ! > know what i am going to say !!

  applause and hysterical laughter from class

FROM:Alderman Weightman  - email address: - Subject: -  My messages at Speech Day

I did, indeed, urge you to become captains of industry, leaders of men mould breakers.

Sadly, you seem to have become breakers of industry and men of mould

FROM:Anon Libel

How dare you!! I'll sue - whoever you are. This whole affair reeks of... bastardy.

FROM:George Nicholson  - email address: - Subject: -  The capacity to lead

Of course Catherine The Great was a woman of...of...considerable capacity. As indeed, Rasputin was rather large...physically speaking. In fact he was rumoured to have brought the Czarina to a higher plain of..of..sexual fulfilment... - email address:        trails off with a vacant stare and the thin trace of a smile - Subject: - . Now, where was I?

DGSA: For God's sake man, you're in a staff meeting.

GN: Oh dear, how...monstrous of me. Will I have to be punished?

FROM:Reverend M Walters  - email address: - Subject: -  This nostalgia

After 30 years of being on the "cured" list i happened across this site and now i am having to undergo severe Electro Shock therapy to batten the hatches down over the memories.

Will SOMEONE please had out the books on comparitive religions without dropping the WHOLE pile of them on Martin?

Back in 30 years...

FROM:Anon An overpowering stench

What is more, this is abuse on a monumental scale. If I hadn't sprained my wrist in a "sporting accident" I'd have punished you personally. FROM:

FROM:Anon Bastardisation of history

His name was Tony Farrell and he never broke any of mine.

FROM:Mr A Payne  - email address:        pongoP@room22.pgs - Subject: -  Clay damage

looking at naive painting &gt; Yes very good, Martin....Now Bowles, about this obsessive painting of Braford F.C crowd scenes...CROSS! please hand me back the book on " The Female Form in Art" ...and i know Stewart that brown clay rolled looks like turds but is it necessary to stick them to the ceiling?... < has another nervous breakdown >

FROM:GW  - email address:        a biology teacher - Subject: -   - email address:        control@breaking point .com - Subject: -  vth year biology

GW: Right today, for the eighty-third time, I would like to go through the life cycle of a fern
Class: Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da  - email address:        in the style of the "ant march" from the Tom and Jerry picnic cartoon
GW: Will you please...
Class:  - email address:        Getting louder - Subject: -  Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da.
GW: RIGHT!! Clarke! gnnn...gnn...get outside!
Clarke: No it's okay, sir, I've decided to let you off.

FROM:P Openshaw  - email address:        too_tall4_a40@staffcarpark - Subject: -  world wide web

who iiinnnvented this wwwwwwwwwwwwwww.cccoooo.ukkkkay lark?

FROM:Mattew Carse  - email address: - Subject: -  memories from matt 2

Mr Agarwal  -  don't veep boys please don't veep  - - what is Avagadro's number ? - i think it's coulsdon 4468 sir  - Subject: -  or Bunkel playing the Tuba at the eisteddfod. ahh Cigarettes - now there's a thing.Tony Gunner and I discovered that it was possible to peel the gold foil off the B&H packets presenting you with a pristine white cigarette box ready to be rebranded. Our brand was Naked Man and featured a Saint like outline of a naked man on the side of the packet -The slogan was - " Cigarette ? " " I'd love a naked man "

Gunner - God know's where he is - Oxted probably.

The school trip to paris 1968 - while the CRS stormed the sorbonne we were of course engaged in more weighty matters ...bailey was sick - what's wrong with him boy - don't know sir - why was he sick ? - don't know sir - it must have been the whisky sir!
the same trip where the tall ginger haired maths / geography master who lived in hitchin  -  name escapes me -  cut his head while shaving by the simple expedient of sticking through the window...

FROM:Mad Bully  - email address: - Subject: -  Saturday rugby

What do you mean Bignall " you don't want to play on saturday " - don't you know what an honour it is to play for the school! and you are turning it down - it is disgraceful!! I know boys who would give their right leg to play for the school .....

FROM:Alan Kemp  - email address: - Subject: -  Paddy Collins "Tickler"

Am I alone in remembering the mad Welsh music "teacher" who indoctrinated us by making us sing "Men of Harlech"all the time. Then occasionally drawing two chalk-lines 3 metres apart at the front of the class-room."Bend over boy. You weren't singing...Have you met the "tickler"  - email address:        brandishing an old plimsoll - Subject: - .When I hit you you'd better jump over that other line or I'll hit you again!". He also had at least 2 broken fingers and therefore constantly played the wrong chords. Thank the lord we are a musical nation!FROM:

FROM:Bernie G  - email address: - Subject: -  sponsorship

Would anybody like to sponsor me in an all night marathon?

FROM:alan c  - email address: - Subject: -  Latest Manchester United score?

Does anyone know the score of the game.

It was 4-1 to arsenal

FROM:Derek Akers  - email address: - Subject: -  No sense of humour

Akers:Matthews, if God had wanted us to wear flared trousers he would have given us flared legs.
Matthews: Yes Sir, but if God had meant us to smoke a pipe he would have given us a chimney in our heads.
<Swishing noise stage left.>

FROM: Bernie G  - email address: - Subject: -  sponsorship

Sorry that shouldn't have happened. A slip of the wrist.FROM:

FROM:john hatherly  - email address:        zzzzz@zzzzzz - Subject: -  threats to international socialism

It's John Hatherly, do you hear? John Hatherly. No wonder I lost my deposit.  - email address:        Suddenly jolts awake - Subject: -  Where am I? Where am I? Must have dropped...zzzzzzz

FROM:arnold patterson  - email address: - Subject: -  "Now here's a good one...'ll like this one boys. When I was up at Oxford in the early 30's, we went to the cinema to see a documentary about Africa... - email address:        starts shaking with laughter - Subject: - ..and there was this passage of some natives rowing across a river and someone.. - email address:        convulsing - Subject: - ..shouted out "well rowed, Balliol!" AP holds on to a table chuckling uncontrollably whilst his class sit there stony-faced. Somebody sneezes and his skin peels off. Then somebody coughs and his skeleton collapses. From the pile of skin and bones a voice trembles on "Oh what a classic that was."