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Here are a few of the memorable ads that were playing when we were at school.

All the family loves Carnation, 'cause it's creamy rich!

 "Malteasers, the chocolate with the less fattening centre!"

Eden Vale yogurt is the young idea!

"Zal is freshness with a zing!
Everyday, yes, Zal's the thing!
The dreamy, steamy smell of pine!
Zal disinfectant every time!

Zal hates germs, just kicks them out!
Leaves the smell of pine about!
You'll notice the difference with everything!
Zal is freshness with a zing!"

One, two, three, four, reasons why Julie Andrews likes Ryvita!

In days of old, fruits were sold that had to be washed by hand, but now they are sold ready washed by Whitworths.
Whitworths are a girl's best friend

A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play!

Remember the name, Persil!

Eveninks and morninks I drink Warninks! Warninks Advocaat!

"Always ask for Newfarm, Newfarm eggs, fresh from the farm for you!

Don't forget the Fruit Gums, Mum!

"Beanz meanz Heinz!"

Look into the jar, it's a deep rich brown, 'cause there's coffee pot freshness all the way down!

Ricicles are twicicles as nicicles!".

Does anyone else remember JUBBLIES??


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