Dining Room

Steps up to the Dining Room

Formerly the Corner Sweet Shop

Brants Sweetshop

Brants Sweetshop

Room 5 - Junior Biology Lab

Room 5 - Junior Biology Lab - now media studies.

Room 1

Room 1 - Mant's "Career" Room

New Computer rooms

New Computer rooms

Outside the Staffroom

Outside the Staffroom

The Hall

The Honours Boards are now at the Parsons Pightle

The Hall

The Stage is no more - this taken from the PC Network Controllers Office from where the Spotlights used to hang over the stage

The Quad

Taken from outside the door by the Stage - a new meeting room has been built.

Towards the Dining Room

Looking towards the Dining Room past the Prefect's Room

Room 19

Room 19

Looking from room 25 across what used to be tennis courts

From the Tennis Courts looking at Room 21

From the Tennis Courts looking at Room 21

Fire Bell is still unchanged. Fire Drill meant a lesson missed


Michelle Maitland-Tong outside the door of room 23 where she took her first class in 1973.

The view from above the Junior Toilets - Bike Sheds long gone.

School Field - Soccer not Rugby

Room 14 History - Percy Gardner

Physics Labs - Graham Tong looks on.

Senior Physics Lab. Mr . Agawal : Boys it makes me me veep...and what happens when you heat ice ? PLEASE SIR IT SHATTERS!! ...Stuod Boy...Not hit ..HEAT.

Junior Chemistry - no unguarded Thermite Reactions here.

Room 1 to Head


The old green marble is all over painted.

Pavvy Demolished - see then and now section

Outside Room 19 looking towards the Junior End

The Stephenson Screen is still in the Quad.

Room 3


Workshops - Metal Work Right - Woodwork Left

Metal Work Right - George Love

Woodwork Left - Peter Yorke

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