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Malcolm Grant and the late Dave Beatty

Sports Concert 1972

Nigel Bowles 1974

Just before making it big with the West Coast harmony superbands

Dr Peter Smith

Now a mineralogist in Perth W.A.

At the Parsons Pightle 1973

Back: Clive Bealey Jo Dolan

Front ; Mick Clarke Paul Cocks Nick Peaty

Dinner at Michelle Maitlands House

Atherton, Humphreys, Dolan, Cocks, Peaty, Tong, Unknown French teacher.

One of the more popular masters with a penchant for Mars Bars

"Toss" Appleton

Under 13 Rugby Purley G.S

Paul Masters

Morzine France 2000, pictured with the love his life

Paul Cocks

Fast Break 1975

Ian Yves Lehur & Steve Dawe 1975

Ian Yves Lehur & Steve Dawe 1975

Parsons Pightle

Steve Stavros Dawe, Geoff SPG Holden, Ian Yves Lehur, Julian Longrig Mattinson

6 a side Cricket Team 1972

Jack Godwin < with loin stain > Nick Peaty, Ian Froggett, Paul Rawcliffe, Clive Bealey.

front - Dave Barnes, Nigel Tucker, Graham Tong, Paul Mathews.

Basketball Fans 1976

3 Pauls - Cocks, Masters, Rawcliffe <Rocky>

Basketball team 1970

Paul Berry, Paul Masters, Steve Paine, David Barnes, David Beatty.


Chris Gibson, Philip Jepson, Paul Mathews

Robin Archibald 1978

living in Selsdon 2001

Smythe, Moss & Mathews 1978

Jez, Ian, Paul - where are they now?

Nigel Bowles 1972

just before he was taken into care

Nigel Horniman Bowles 1978

Peter Wyngarde look out

up the Pightle

Nigel Bowles gets warmed up 1978

Sports Concert 1973

et tu Paul Masters, Paul Rawcliffe, Paul Bradshaw, David Fitzgerald

Clive Bealey and Graham Tong

Tudor Rose 1973

Lager 30p a pint

The Athletics Team 1963

Well Really !

The Athletics team 1965

After following the Horst Wessel Keep Fit Regime.