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A reunion took place on 18th October 2002 at the School.
See for yourself who was there.

The theme was " the only thing to look forward to is the past ".

An excellent evening was had at the School - it included a guided tour - lots of the school is changed.
pictures below - To see any pictures full size - click it.  More captions later.

To see a movie of ROOM 11 wait and watch here! To re- watch it simply right click the movie and press PLAY again.


Michelle Maitland Tong & Clive Bealey

Richard Cox - still filming

Treaders Treadwell with Metalwork triumph

Paul Hobday

Paul Masters Robin Archibald Geoff Stayton

David Jolly and Martyn Hoffman

Chris Cuffe Richard Cox Clive Bealey Phil Jones Paul Hobday

Keith Masters assumes the George Nicholson position

Phil Jones, John Harris, Ian Peters & Richard Cox

Nigel Milchem Paul Mathew Geoff Stayton and Paul Hobday

Clive Bealey

Nigel Homewood John Harris Michael Carter

Keith Masters Chris Gibson

Pongo Payne's Artroom

Chris Gibson and PHO Nnnnnn Script

Paul Mathews Mick Seale Peter Gurney