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Recently we were contacted by the current caretaker who found a box of several photo albums of
the school as it was then. Below you will find the pictures and captions that were previously on the Main page.

Happy memories??

The Corridor outside Room 11 < Ed   Stachak >

The door into........


The Classroom - reeking of Gallic Wars...




THE TUCK SHOPIntroduced around 1970 the Tuck shop was run by Mrs Irene Ananin and the prefects took the money and "looked" after the stock.





 The Junior Hall and Dining Hall. Taken a little later than 1970- a 1985 Ford Escort is visible. The paint, I recall was light blue in 1970 but the green is also just as awful.
One of the big steel bins is visible. In 1970 some poor quality copies of the Geography Exam paper was found in one of these 2 days before the examination was due to be sat.

We never did discover who squealed to the Teachers. It was doubly frustrating for me as I had already given Tony Atwood 5 shillings for a copy and had revised - for once!



Towards the senior bogs...  This is taken looking towards the Senior toilets. Many a perv would pay dearly to see that sight.

To the left is door into the Senior washroom and to the right Senior cloakroom. Where the foot mat is positioned is where the late duty prefects stood and took the names of any boys who arrived late. They came off duty at the end of assembly so the trick was to hang about until that time and then swear to your form master that you were in the toilets with a violent attack of the squitters during registration.

A very rare shot of the door hooks can be seen in the wall to the left of the photo.


The Junior Basins.

Ah - The roller towels. Didn't some boy at another Croydon school get strangled in one of them ??

At the end you can see the water fountain. (just)



Rows of Coat Hooks in the Junior Cloakrooms 1970.

Gabardine macks from Horne Bros of Croydon were hanging from those hooks along with drawstring bags that contained Plimsolls and a PT vest and shorts. Possibly the odd duffle bag on the floor too.
Whatever happened to Duffle bags?
Go through the door and turn left to the Junior Bogs - turn right up the long corridor towards the Senior bogs and past the Quad on your left...........

Any other memories ? pop them in the guest book.
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Staff Room Corridor 1970

This photo is taken from the bottom of the stairs that lead up to Room 1 & 2. We can see the view past the Staff Room on the left, then the  Prefect's Room and up to in the Dining Hall in the distance.

The Dining was used for Junior assembly and also contained a small room where the text books were stored.

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Akers Office

Most of us only saw in this room when we were about to be beaten. Sadly, the big GPO telephone is not visible but if memory serves me correctly the whacking canes were kept in the gap between the wall and the grey filing cabinet.

In the room outside were school secretaries Mrs Loveland < wife of Cringe > and Mrs Broad < mother of Graham? Broad from the 1966 intake. 

For more information on the corporal punishment policy follow this link and be ready to be amazed.

The Corridor that leads to the Hall
This picture is taken outside Mr Bill "Fat Pat"  Patterson's Office. Members of school sports teams will remember that the new team lists were posted on that very notice board. Sometimes the week's menu was posted there too.

The far door on the right is into the small room behind the stage where a record player was kept to play music ( very rarely )  into the Hall using HUGE speakers either side of the stage.