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Where are they now ?

Sunday March 23, 2003



This section lists the email addresses of some of the 1970 also shows those who are no longer with us.

Who are these lads from the 1970 picture- any ideas?

Unknown Number 2


Unknown Number 1

NAME THESE MEN - answers please to me at NPEATY@AOL.COM

This is first of a series of faces taken from the high resolution scans taken by Dave Hall of the 1970 photo.


We will remember them:

Geoff Kippen died end 2002 from a massive heart attack ( writes Steve Kiss ).
David Williams 1956- 1976 ( motorbike accident )
David Beatty 1955-1979 ( Brain Tumour )
Dave Austin died ( 1954 - 2002 )..Feb 20, 2002....Ed Kibble reports.
Nick Bignall is in one of the sports pictures on the site. Nick arrived as LVI intake from Woodcote but rapidly established himself. He married early, went to Durham university but, sadly, was prone to depression and he committed suicide a few years later.( Martin Smith reports )
Alan Gates June 2002 - Steve Williams reports that " I'm afraid I have to pass on the sad news that Alan Gates died a couple of years ago after a brave fight against cancer.
David Fitzgerald Martin Hoffman reports that David Fitzgerald died ( 1955-1995 ).

If you click on a name whilst you have your email program open, the email will be automatically addressed. If this doesn't happen - tough!

bullet www.friends check this out - it's the site that has got many of us back together. Please register and support them.
Click on the name below for the email address to appear in yr email editor. To get the address off the website you would normally just click on the person's name. It would load then load your email program and address an email automatically. If this does not work < hotmail users !> you will need to right click on the persons name and go to properties- the email address is then revealed as part of the "mailto:NPEATY@AOL.COM" - just ignore the mailto: and copy and paste the rest.
I am
 A to L M to Z
bullet Robin Archibald
bullet Neil Baker
bulletDavid Barnes
bulletClive Bealey
bulletNigel Bowles
bullet John Bone
bullet Peter Bromley
bullet Niel Caddick
bulletMatt Carse
bulletDr.Michael Carter
bullet Paul Cocks
bullet Lindsay Constable
bulletChris Cuffe
bulletRichard Cox
bullet John Davis
bullet Andrew "Jo" Dolan
bullet Peter Dudley
bullet Chris Gibson
bullet Ian Froggett
bullet Peter Gurney
bullet David Hall
bullet George Hatcher
bulletSteve Henson
bullet Paul Hobday
bullet Martyn Hoffman
bulletAlan Kemp
bulletMark Jarman
bulletDavid Jolly
bullet Martin Jones
bullet Philip Jones
bullet Simon Keen
bullet Ed Kibble
bulletSteve Kiss
bullet Chris Lehur



bulletKeith Masters
bulletPaul Masters
bullet Paul Mathews Member details updated in the last week email address change
bulletNorman McCanch
bullet Nigel Milchem
bulletTrevor Munkenbeck
bulletPhil Moore
bullet David Orriss
bullet Keith Orriss
bullet Paul Oliver 55
bullet Paul Oliver 1956  < from Tudor Bakery >
bulletNick Peaty
bullet Mike (Mick) Seale
bullet Roy Sharman
bullet Nick Sorensen
bullet Francis Smith (left in 1967 but was a great master baiter, apparently)
bulletMartin Smith
bulletDr. Peter Smith
bullet Jeremy "Jez" Smythe Member details updated in the last week mail address change
bullet Geoff Stayton
bullet Paul Thomas
bulletGraham Tong
bullet Ian "TEX" Tucker
bullet Nigel Tucker
bulletColin Turney
bullet David Walke
bulletMick Ward
bulletPhilip Whittaker
bullet Steve Williams
bullet Clive Wills
bullet Chris Winder

more later....but here is 2b in 1968...including Tony Attwood, Barnes (John Nigel Hickman, that is, not Dave), Paul Berry, Bowles (Nigel, that is, not Steve), Phil Bright, Mike Carter, Lindsay Constable, Colin Crisford, Ian Drewery, Ian Froggett, Keith Godding, John Harris, Kevin Havill, Dave Howship, Pete Irwin, Dave Jolly, Roderick King, (always tempted to leave Malcolm  Macbeth out ,.. he may be spelt Macbeath), Masters, Munkenbeck, Dave Orriss, Ian Peters, Scott (Dave, that is, not Harding David Wycliffe), Pete Smith, Nick Sorensen, Thomas, Mick Ward.

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