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A double Then and Now.

Paul Oliver 2002, seen left in red < seen below too > as he is now at his Devon retreat.
Behind him in the school pic of 1970 is
Phil Jones, seen right at the reunion. If you look at his 1970 pic, I suspect Phil Jones left school and immediately got a job as  Damien in the "Omen"

To see the pictures full size - click them.


Sorry Folks - Poor Quality for sure, but here we have Derek Eneas in a classic basketball pose in 1970's and again in 1988, sitting next to Mrs Irene Ananin.

The full line up of 1988 - l to r, is:
Weatherill, Ananin, Eneas,
 Evans (replaced Jenkins on his death), Akers, Davis ( mad athlete), ???  & "Toss" Appleton.  


In actual fact, it is only 24600 miles at the circumference, interjects Kingsley Gregory
Nick Peaty meets Dave Walke for the first time in 28 years. Both happen to be on the same Passchendale Battlefield Tour. Similar to Tollers Field really...





The Pavvy has now been demolished as it was being used for "Drug Abuse" in 2001.

Feb 2002                                          June 1970


Nigel " Nidge " Milchem 2002
The smile that sent countless teachers demented.
click the pictures for more detail

Robin Archibald 1978 and 2002
click the pictures for more detail


DS Trevor Shepherd led the inquiry.

Brothers cleared of Damilola murder
Two teenage boys are found not guilty of killing 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, 18 months after he was found bleeding to death on a London estate.
Dozens of officers were assigned to the case - one of London's highest profile inquiries since the murder of television presenter Jill Dando.
But the officer who led the inquiry was accused in court of pressing on with charges against the youths despite flaws in the police's handling of the investigation. In court officers were accused of "manufacturing" a witness to Damilola's murder because they could not afford "another unsolved black death".

Editor's Note: Trevor Shepherd can be seen in the 1970 photo. Right of centre pic - Back Row ..5th from Right  standing next to Phil Whittaker. CLICK HERE
you still need help, find Mr. Pickett in the front row and look vertically 5 rows behind him !

The Workshops 2002

The plans, way back. No forge or lathes shown.

Martin Smith as he is now.
In 1970 he was flanked by Harold Coe and Brian Head.
Please look in the Guest Book for his note and also his sad news about Nick Bignall on the Where are they now ? page.







Mike Clarke, Paul Cocks, Nick Peaty as they are today.
Mike Clarke has a printing business in Maidstone. He is married with 2 kids



A distant Old Boy is Paul Cocks. Star of the Basketball team.
A rare picture of him in action in the Gym can also be seen below right.

Mike Clarke, Paul Cocks, Nick Peaty
< drunk > at the Parsons Pightle in 1972. 




Nick Peaty details are here.  He lives on - you can see him on
his web cam now. He is married with 2 kids too.
Obviously something in the beer that night in 1972









Paul Cocks lives in Sydney, Australia and is the Financial Director of a multinational advertising corporation. 
He is married with 2 kids also.
Paul Cocks brings up the back court 1970 - ish

Paul Masters - Head Boy 1973 seen outside the Snowdon Hut July 2002.
The lure of the Elsan Toilets remains forever strong.

Paul lives in Warlingham and retired after 23 years with Price Waterhouse. He is now a goatherd in Morzine, France.

 Another view of the Hut is to be found in PHOTOS 3 from the main menu or here.

Martyn Hoffmann <left> and Steve Kiss in 1988.
Martyn says he keeps in contact with Steve Kiss, Nigel Morris and Jon Carr. He read Chemistry , lived in South Africa for a while and has been a Product Manager for various Chemical Companies in the UK for many years. He still lives in Caterham. More sporty than when at at PGS and now swims, cycles and runs.

Ed's Note: Any news of Steve Kiss ?