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Paul Botting 2002 & 1970.

Paul has tried to keep a low profile for 32 years but the long arm of F&P has found him out. He now works as a manager for Marks and Spencer - he is hoping to make it as a slug balancer. 

Much confusion Member details updated in the last week see below  has been caused by the fact there are 2 ex- PGS Paul Olivers - one born 1955 and the other 1956. Both are active FEP readers and the junior Paul has sent some pics for us.  He is seen gulping the ILLEGAL beer, being only 15.

"My folks were at the school-end of the Parade with the Grocers, Corner Sweet Shop & Greengrocers. I think the school made up half the trade!
I've done the guest book and can see the other 'Paul Oliver' now - I think this may explain the unexpected 'O' level results, I must have got his by mistake.

I enclose some photos I also came across, taken on the 'School Journey' of (I think) 1970 or maybe 1971.
Member details updated in the last weekEDITORS NOTE from Nigel Bowles - I believe the Interlaken trip was 1970 whilst the Bremen incident happened on the Scandinavian Trip in '72. I would certainly have remembered if Mrs Eneas had been on that. And, regrettably, she wasn't.
Paul O continues..
In trying to date it exactly I do recall that wherever we went in Europe, the radios were either playing Mungo Jerry (In the Summertime) or the Beatles (The Long & Winding Road). As you will see from the pictures, it was a hugely educational experience which prepared me well for many of life's subsequent demands. The one titled 'School Journey' was taken after a wet night in a tent in Interlaken, when we had clearly been reviewing the cultural benefits of such cross-border exchange visits! Incidentally, the woman in the red bikini in the background was (again I think), Dave Shepherd's wife and a great distraction to us young mesecretn battling with the challenges of puberty.

Paul Mathews comments < with much slobbering - Ed >:  The female in the red bikini is I think Mrs Eneas, talking to Ros Shepherd.  I have a strong memory of her rubbing sun tan oil on my back in Interlaken!!!!  Probably the first and only time that has happened.  That trip was also memorable for the 2/3 hour delay in Bremen(?) when the coach broke down, eventually after calling in a local garage they found some bastard had turned off the petrol supply switch on the side of the coach!  Dave Barnes probably has some good memories of a drunken turkish sailor in a Hamburg club.

Nigel Bowles writes Member details updated in the last week " I read with interest Mathew's comments as reproduced on the FeP news site and feel I should clarify. The Turkish Sailor incident occurred in a bar in Bremen and I'm afraid involved me. I nearly ended up having a knife pulled on me."

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Bob "Treaders" Treadwell is pictured in 1970 and again seen holding a triumph from a George Love metalwork class circa 1968. It was not the only thing on show that night showing signs of age. To see the picture full size - click it -- >


Last seen on a documentary on "How to catch the Yorkshire Ripper" we have traced Ian Froggett to the Yorkshire Constabulary. Email
He says "
I can still recite the names of all my class chums from 2C days. Sad really. I do recall that for my last 2 years at school, the only positive comment in my report was that I was a member of the school coach maintenance team. The team was me and my brother-in-law Martin Spiers who lives about 2 miles from me, in Wakefield.
I always remember that when we repaired the coach one day we couldn't start it because it was out of petrol. Dogs wouldn't give us any money and told me to use my initiative, so I syphoned some out of his old white Fiat 500 estate car which incidentally was built before cars had fuel gauges. He ran out of fuel on his way home and the next day wanted to cane me for it. I was fortunate to talk my way out of that one."




Ian Froggett 1972


Ian Froggett 2002

The School Hall 1988

One of the shields on the high window ledges is here in my study!




THE STAGE IN 1969- "Tom Stoppard’s ‘Enter a Free Man’"  Martin Smith says:"The gals were from Grandison College (where Esther Weatherill’s original main job was). At the bar are Robert Spendlove (now a real actor!) and Stuart Fermor. And I think that the sailor sitting down was called Phil Moore…Martin Smith stands by the door. A review of a typical M.Smith play can be found in the Bourne 1970- click here